Taste Real Thailand, Travel Like a Tourist: Intro

Thailand is rife with Tourism, with many of its islands resembling our teenage alcohol-fuelled antic-led holidays to European islands where local culture has been demolished by those we (shamefully) call our own race   This Tourism has infiltrated Thai food leaving an abundance of restaurants serving curries with Western additions, subtler uses of spices and over-sweetened creamy sauces. Frankly, it’s unauthentic crap at double the price.

There’s two food statements I can’t tolerate… 1) ‘I don’t like Sushi because I don’t like raw fish’ (ahem, you’re probably referring to Sashimi and not ALL sushi is raw fish) 2) ‘I stay clear of Street Food as it will make me ill.’ If the stall has bowls of curry with bits of grey meat floating in them and appears to have been lying there for days, or, you have noticed the stall due to a loud muffled buzzing sound coming from its direction as there’s a swarm of wasps buzzing over-head, I understand.

However, if a lovely Thai local is slaving over a hot pan surrounded by bowls of fresh herbs and spices, cooking it from fresh and serving it piping hot, then why should it be more harmful than a restaurant? At least you can see exactly what’s going on! It’s tastier, fresher, ridiculously cheap and more likely to be … the.real.thing. And, honestly, whatever small amount of germs it may have will do you more good, than harm.

Thankfully, authentic Street Food is widespread in Thailand. For me, slurping at a bowl of noodles on a plastic chair surrounded by locals on a grimy backstreet with Thai aromas wafting into the atmosphere, kept my feet firmly grounded… in Thailand. Thus, keeping me worlds apart from any reminder of home. Of course, this didn’t mean I avoided home comforts at ALL costs.

Across several separate posts, I’ll be re-exploring my stomach-led Thailand trip and offering advice on how to save your money on food even in the more ‘over-priced’ areas and how to soak up Thai Culture through it’s food without venturing off the beaten track. Thus, allowing you to travel as both tourist and nomad.  Keep your eyes peeled and your mouths open…


8 thoughts on “Taste Real Thailand, Travel Like a Tourist: Intro

  1. I look forward to reading your Thailand food posts. I love eating street food. There is something magic about eating a dish from someone who cooks it all day, every day and often for many generations. You don’t get that kind of expertise in many other countries. One time while traveling through Asian in their summer time, I got quite sick but determined not to let it get me down, I soldiered on. About 2 weeks before home time, I relented and saw a doctor. He said that I was to have plain boiled rice and no cold drinks until I was well again. What? No exotic food and no cool refreshing beer? I refused. So he gave me some pills and sent me on my way. No regrets.

    • It really is magical and when walking through street stalls it’s very difficult not to try everything. I often walk around with a kebab or two whilst making my decision. There’s no way you could have stuck to that diet in Thailand! What’s your favourite thai dish? I think mines a good creamy, peanuty Massaman Curry 😀

      • My absolute favourite dish is laab which I first ate in Laos. I guess it’s a Laos/Thai dish? But if we’re going pure Thailand, my favourite is tom yum goong (or kai). I found the creamy dishes too heavy for the weather so stuck to the really bright piquant dishes.

      • Ahh yes I only had Laab once, should have tried it more! Can’t beat a good Tom Yum though, I found it was a good hangover cure too. I can see how the heavy foods are a bit much in the humidity, I always had to share the creamy dishes with a friend.

  2. You are so right about Thai street food! I had many wonderful dishes from street vendors while I was there. Like you, I figured if the food was sizzling hot and prepared in front of you, then it was likely to be ok. I certainly didn’t come down with any bugs while I was there.

    • Me either! I also believe that those who claim to get ill from street food have probably spent far too much of their trip avoiding dirt meaning that any small amount of germs may attack their fragile immune system!

  3. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the pictures on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello , sorry to hear you’re having problems, the pictures are still loading okay for me. Thanks for checking out my blog. Let me know what you think and I hope you manage to see the photos soon!

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