Oeuf en Cocottes- Rachel Khoo Style

I wasn’t sure whether to talk about my Christmas morning breakfast as a post, as it has nothing to do with where I’ve travelled. But to hell with it, I thought, it’s still food!!

On christmas morning I decided to try out Rachel Khoo‘s Oeuf en Cocottes (eggs in pots), I like Khoo’s recipes, she offers uncomplicated ways of bringing French Cuisine to the home. Plus this recipe is perfect if you want a posh breakfast but don’t fancy splurging on Smoked Salmon for an Eggs Royale. And it’s like a sophisticated egg and soldiers.  Oeuf en Cocottes is an innovative way to eat your eggs at breakfast, it’s somehow both light and creamy and provides a fresh and herby taste from the use of nutmeg and dill. Furthermore, it also makes a tasty light-lunch and a very easy starter at a dinner party.


Low-fat Greek Yoghurt (if you don’t have any Crème fraîche, I didn’t) or Crème fraîche.


Grated Nutmeg

Salt and Pepper

And Eggs (of course)

Mix in salt, pepper and nutmeg into your Yoghurt or Crème fraîche. Using either teacups (like Rachel Khoo) or ramekins (like I did) add a  couple of spoonfuls of your mix into the bottom of each pot then sprinkle some sprigs of Fresh dill. Crack an egg into each pot, add more seasoned yoghurt/Crème fraîche atop, then great some more nutmeg and season well. Place all your pots in a deep-ish baking tray and fill it up with some warm water so it reaches half way up your pots. Bake for 15 mins (if you like your eggs runny) on 180 celsius.

Sprinkle with more dill when ready and serve with warm crispy bread.




8 thoughts on “Oeuf en Cocottes- Rachel Khoo Style

    • Hey Thank you ever so much! This was done on a very average digital camera but the pictures were smartened up on iPhoto. I’ve now got myself a panasonic Lumix Compact System Camera and I’d definitely recommend this for food photography! 🙂

  1. There are very sweet. When I have family around, I usually make something similar but with about 12 eggs in a big cassorole dish. People can help themselves though the timing for a bigger dish of eggs is a bit more trick to finagle.

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